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Episode 12

It’s been a bit because we MOVED! I lost some knitting mojo, but I think it’s back. Show notes and stuff can be found here!

Episode 11

More Out Than In took a BIG hit this month! There are also a bunch of things making my life easier right now. Show notes and stuff can be found here.

episode 10

I talked a bit, and was too lazy to do show notes. Perhaps I'll get around to them, perhaps I won't.
Here's my update for the More In Than Out Goal for 2022.

Episode 9

It’s January 21, and all the podcasters are reviewing how 2021 went for them, and what their goals are for 2022. I don’t think I’ll be doing that. 2021 wasn’t a bad year for me, by any means, but I definitely didn’t have a ton of knitting mojo. I ended up being too crazy at work to make it to ZK 2021, and from there, I pretty much just didn’t knit a whole lot, and that’s why I didn’t podcast either! But I’ll get to that after I share my current knitting progress.

Show Notes are on the blog.

BaCK Episodes

You can catch the back episodes of the ColoradoKnits videos over at the Colorado Knits You Tube Channel.