Episode 9

It’s January 21, and all the podcasters are reviewing how 2021 went for them, and what their goals are for 2022. I don’t think I’ll be doing that. 2021 wasn’t a bad year for me, by any means, but I definitely didn’t have a ton of knitting mojo. I ended up being too crazy at work to make it to ZK 2021, and from there, I pretty much just didn’t knit a whole lot, and that’s why I didn’t podcast either! But I’ll get to that after I share my current knitting progress.

Off The Needles


C2C Baby Blanket. This flew off the needles hook. I used Premier Yarns Everyday DK, and literally used all of it, so there is a net zero on my in and out for 2022. I totally remember why I loved crochet forever. It is terribly rhythmic and I can pretty much zone out while I am working on it. Yes, I do still have to look more than some of my knitting, but it’s still totally relaxing. Especially if there is no shaping, etc.

This is an unwashed photo of it – so it looks a little wonky!


Turkish Bed Socks in 24 Stripe Advent from The Cozy Knitter. I whipped these off my needles in a weekend. I always love how quickly they work up. I managed to use every gram of this skein as well!


Right now I am just trying to get some lingering projects that have been staring at me. Partial skeins and half-finished projects.

Under The Boardwalk Footies (Rav only) are my go-to for short socks. They have a few quick short rows to help them stay up, and a classic heel flap and gusset. Mine take about 35g of yarn, so I can usually get a pair out of a skein after I have knit full-length socks.

These are knit in Desert Vista Dyeworks in Nashville Nights. The deep blue does bleed on my fingers a little, so I have to work on them when I am not wearing a light colored shirt, but the yarn is lovely.


Vanilla Socks on Artistic Yarn By Abi. These are in Dios de los Muertos, and use a deep black for the toes, heels, and cuffs. I love Abi’s yarn. It’s always terribly colorfast, and super soft. These have been on the needles for some time, so it’s nice to be making some progress on them.


Another pair of Under The Boardwalk Shorties using Turtle Purl Yarns in Trench Coat.